Thursday, July 26, 2012

Akuyome release + A little story.

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;PHEWW. Let me tell you, I started typesetting this on July 22nd. I was supposed to finish this on the 24th, but then I got an error with my photoshop, saying this...
Could not complete your request because something prevented the text engine from being initialized.
Now, I'm definitely not a patient person, but I spent 3 hours attempting to fix it. Did it work? Well. NO!
It did NOT work at all! Screw all the deleting "TypeSupport" file and downloaded fonts... I tried all those, and it did NOT work. FINALLY, LynnaChan (my savior) decided to log on Skype.
And after 10 hours, I present you chapter 8...


  1. Anonymous said...

    Thank you for the hard work and thank you LynnaChan for saving all of us.

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