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OtH released [ch7] + A message

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;Thank you very much for all the support!
We have come a long way (almost four months... whoaa!), and I'd like to think that we've improved in terms of cleaning and typesetting. And also, our releases of Ouji to Hero will soon catch up to the latest chapters. This means two things.

`One: OtH will not be released weekly (or however often we release it xD), simply because the raws won't be released weekly.
`Two: Because one of our main projects will soon catch up, we are looking for projects to pick up.

Of course, we are also working on our upcoming ones, but we would like some suggestions too!

-Not being scanlated (unless there's proof that the group is inactive or has dropped the series)
-Not licensed.

What we are interested in:

Something that would make us love you:
-If you suggest a project and somehow either has the raws, or know where to get them.
If you have any suggestions, please post them here:

I've noticed a lot of comments on the chatbox asking us to update Ouji to Hero, however; I just want to say one thing, in case you guys are mixed up.
Chapter 7 that was released on mangahere was not done by us (Yes, I'm actually aware of the fact that it has been released). I'm not sure if you guys wanted chapter 8 from us, or if you wanted our version of chapter 7.
Yes, there's actually a difference between our scans and the other group's version:
1. We have been using Japanese raws provided by Serenula, and will no longer be using the Chinese raws. This means that our releases will most likely differ from the other group, since our speed depends on the raw provider.
Example: As of July 28th, chapter 9 of OtH is out in Chinese, so it's probably being cleaned or whatever right now, but we haven't gotten the chapter 9 Japanese raws yet.
2. We (attempt to) translate everything, sfx included vs. untranslated sfx in the other version.
3. Personally, I haven't read more than a few pages of the other version, but I heard some translations don't quite make sense?
4. Their redraws and cloning look really nice.
(Note, I'm not saying ours are the best. Because it's not. Hahaa.)
... And because I left this on my computer for 3 hours, I no longer remember what I wanted to say.
... ;D?

If you read up to here, then, well. You're awesome!
Here, have a cookie (:


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