Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Release again~

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;Well, I did tell you guys that we'd pick up the pace, but I bet you people never expected it to be done within a week now did ya? Mwahahaha.
Were you perhaps... Surprised by any chance?
Let me tell you, it was wayy hard cleaning this. If anyone knows any raw providers (Or you yourself have the raws for Ouji to Hero) please PLEASE PLEASE email me (at angelltlau@hotmail.com) or go visit our forum to drop us a note!

See, better raws = easier cleaning...-ish = chapter cleaned faster = work is built up for me (the translator) = I translate like the wind! = faster releases ~!

So you see, it's good for us and you ...! And just in case you didn't know about this yet, please download at our forum. Also, may I suggest that you read your mangas at batoto.com instead of Mangafox or something? ;D Cause I'm strongly disliking mangafox right now...


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