Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ouji to Hero [ch 5]

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;It has been a while hasn't it? Sorry, hahaa. Been busy! And our typesetter has encountered some um.... computer problems? So I ended up typesetting this chapter. Oh! We're releasing a oneshot soon, and it's pretty funny :P
Read it when it's out! Its short (only 12 pages!), so it should be a quick read~

July 1st was Canada day <3
Went out to watch fireworks, hehee.
(So I did no work at all that day.)

My life stories aside, to download, please visit the forum, and thanks for ALL your comments. I read ever single word. Trust me. :3

Hope you enjoy chapter 5 of OtH! (Sorry for the dust, but I got too lazy, so the first 10 pages or so, I just pure typesetted xD)


  1. Miyuri said...

    Thank you very much for the release ! ^o^

  2. Anonymous said...

    If the scans are that messy...vol 2 of this manga is release this week for your benefits.

  3. Classicalitys said...

    Ah, we have already started cleaning the magazine raws, so. > <"

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